Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Assignment 5

Desperate housewife

The character Lynnette is more artful because she used her knowledge. She is very strong in this situation. Lynnette doesn’t advise her neighbour for the first time but on the second time she gets angry. She takes her time to finding a good solution and she attacked the problem by the root. Lynnette’s solution was to spread toxic water on the lawn for killing the grass in the garden.

I like this solution in this TV show but it not a good manner to find a solution for problem. I went to meet the neighbour and I asked him to stop cutting his grass in my direction now, because he made my driveway dirty, each week. If he didn’t stop I would go in the night to his garden and put the laundry detergent in the pool drain of his swimming pool. Can you imagine the surprise he will have in the morning on his pool. I think the grass disappear below the foam.
Assignment 4

Desperate housewife

The problem is the neighbour who cuts his grass and it lands on my driveway. This part of my house is dirty each time that the neighbour cuts his grass. But I am patient and I will go visit him put in order but he doesn’t want to make a solution. I have the solution and it is sample. I will go to the garden store and I deliver one truck of grass on the garden for my stupid friend. When the truck comes I will run to watch through my window and I will smile while is being dropped his land. These are the thought of Bree.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Question Desperate housewife


1-Why Gabrielle gave cheque to her husband in jail ?
Because Carlos was promised to give money a guy who threaten him if does give money.

2-Who called the Rex's mother at phone ?
The electrician was called for gave the condolences ?

3-What Rex's mother said to assurance guy ?
She explains that Bree attends a guy if can a boyfriend.

4-What Susan hits with your rear bumper's car ?
She hits Edit britt in roller skate.

5-What kind of animal Lynette threws on the floor in your house?
She threws the rat on the floor.

Monday, September 26, 2005

First episode Desperate Housewife

Desperate Housewife

Sunday, on CTV channel 22 it was the first episode of Desperate Housewife. Several actions occurred in the program. Jack took Susan hostage in Mike's house but no body died only a bottle of strong alcohol was broken.The reason noone died was that Mike's dog saved the lives of Mike but the dog bit Susan in place of Jack. Gabrielle’s husband asked her for a paternity test to confirm he is the father, but Gabrielle kept the results of the unknown woman who sat on chair in the private clinic of paternity test.Rex was dying of a heart attack last season and now we attended Rex’s funeral. The funeral was special because Bree was standing up in the church and he changed Rex's tie because she didn't think it matched with her dress. People looked at Bree very strangely because she brought the Tom' s tie and she took the Rex's bodyto put the tie on his neck.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Desperate housewife

This TV program tells the story of the women who live on the same street. They see the action in vinicity. The story begins a woman named Mary Alice committed and she is the narrator of the show. The question of charactor comes up concerning the suicide of Mary Alice and her old friends Bree, Lynette, Susan and Gabrielle inquire on this odd story. Each charactor has a family. Bree’s husband is Rex and they live with their boy and girl, but Bree is very crazy because she is a perfect woman. Lynette is a super woman with 4 children and 3 of them are the real monster and she doesn’t have help from her husband Tom. Susan has one girl names Julie and she is a good accomplice. Susan isn’t lucky , she is in an odd situation and looks all the time at her neighbor Mike. Gabrielle’s husband Carlos is always at work and she misse him. She likes the guy who cuts her lawn. Mary Alice‘s husband Paul is always supervised by Susan because he has the strange behaviour and he hides his son Zach all the time. One girl tries to get into the friend's circle is Edie but she causes trouble because she tries to allure Mike.